Hello viewers. Today , In this Session we are going to Make the Travel Agency Website From Scratch Using HTML and CSS and Bootstrap 


How do I create a travel agency website?

Add more functionality and engagement according to your specific ideas and need, see what your competitors are implementing and try to imagine what you as a traveller would like to see on a travel website.

If it’s your first experience in travel website development, study the essential questions you should answer to make a powerful platform of your dream.


1.What to do and for who?  

Begin with identifying your client.

If you have some regular customers, it will be easier than analysing the target market for the first time.

You may decide to work globally or deal with particular locations, offer crafted journeys of hikes, provide travel consulting services or vacation packages.

Once you understand who is your core audience, think about their pain points and possible ways to solve them.

This is exactly what your website goal is.


2. How to make a statement?

Plan your marketing campaign. The aim of your marketing campaign should correspond to the global mission of your platform.

Think about the metrics and KPIs you should achieve to hit the marketing goal.

It is also a good idea to look at how your rivals promote their business and learn from their experience.

Then think about the resources, means, and channels you will need to launch your campaign.

It will help you identify your marketing budget and stick to it.


3. What should my site look like?

An effective sitemap helps visitors easily navigate around your source, improves your rank in search engines, and allows you to expand a site structure more accurately in the future.

When mapping out a site think about your client personas, their user flows, and journeys, the desired content and your unique selling point.

Start with planning main pages, then add internal pages and plan some space for extra pages.

Also, remember that well-thought-out internal linking is to enhance SEO, increase engagement and improve usability.

Once you’re done with a site structure, consider what functionality your platform requires to fulfill its main task.


4. How to engage clients?

Proceed with preparing content and creating a web design.

To make your portal engaging, think about the info people search for when developing travel itineraries.

It is vital to sound comprehensive, so use the language that is clear to your clients.

Don’t focus on texts alone, season your copy with cute iconography, images, clips, and infographics.

If you’re not a professional designer, hire a designer or choose from the variety of WordPress themes for example.


5. How to make a travel website?

How to make a travel agency website if you don’t have coding skills?

There are several options for you:

If you are geared toward a “quick-win, then a site builder like Wix or Weebly is just what you need.

The biggest advantage of site builders is a range of travel SEO-optimized templates with predefined functionality and available hosting.

If you know something about web design and coding, then you may choose to build a travel site on a ready-made template or theme.

What is good is that you can fully customize it and adjust to your business needs.

For those who have big intentions, there is no better way than hiring an outsourced team with solid expertise and creative approach.


6. Does everything work as it should?

Now it’s time to check if everything works smoothly.

Create a detailed checklist of things you need to verify before launching a platform.

It should cover functionality, usability, compatibility, and security issues.

The efficient testing is to help you detect and solve existing issues and make sure that your source is super friendly for both people and engines.

When any tiny bug is fixed, you can go live. And don’t forget to make a launch party!


7. What to improve?

So, you gave a toy car to a little boy, but how to force him to play with it?

If you have an online presence, it doesn’t necessarily mean that people will rush to see it.

To get traffic and high ranks, you should continue optimising your travel source permanently.

Your design should always be customer-centred, content educational, and functionality supreme.

In this code contains Lots of Feautures 
  1. This project use the Bootstrap CSS framework
  2. Fontawesome 4 used on this codes
  3. No Jquery 
  4. Simple Vanilla javascript used on the code
  5. Easy to handle , edit and customize
  6. User Friendly
  7. Good uI and UX design
  8. Responsive website Design
  9. this is use the navigation bar on top
  10. Use vendor suffix so this is works all the browsers
Learn how to create this Travel Agency Website 

Video Tutorial

Travel Agency Website From Scratch Using HTML and CSS and Bootstrap

[Source Codes]

Click here to download source code files.

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