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Today in this topic covered to "How to create the game using JavaScript language in HTML5 Canvas from scratch". 

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This is the background image for this game 🎮🎮🎯

Steps to make An JavaScript Game

  1. First of all you need to create a root file name at index HTML
  2. Many of the JavaScript games created by using HTML5 Canvas tag
  3. So we add the Canvas tag in your customer document
  4. Then if you have any other styles add style that CSS file and put your CSS codes on that
  5. Then write JavaScript code for Canvas tag
  6. Then Open this html file with your browser

About this code

I hope this game is really interesting for game loving programmers. And I make this game by using JavaScript language and I use the HTML5 Canvas feature.
so maybe this court current trends in old browsers like old edge versions and etc.
I compile this code on Firefox browser and I also tested on Chrome. 

In first time I will take five minutes to finish this levels in this game. and this game is very interesting for me. I hope you can also enjoy to play this game. Try this is your browser and the code is also attached on the below section. 👇👇👇

Hidden Puzzle World | Javascript Game

[Source Codes]

To create this program First, you need to create one HTML File named index.html and CSS file name Style.css then Javascript file named script.js.
After creating these file just paste these following codes.
After pasting this code run the index.html file on your local browser and Enter numbers and calculate. And try it yourself.
If you have any problems facing on run this code kindly email me at admin@codingfrontend.com or contact me by using blogger contact from.

Click here to download source code files.

Live Demo

See the Pen Hidden Puzzle Game by Kumar Lakshmanan (@klakshmanan) on CodePen.

CSS Code
JavaScript Code

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