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Last week I practice to make a complete responsive website design by using bootstrap. This is the Result of my work I. Also i submit my work on below.


  1. Mobile Friendly Design Pattern

  2. Easy to Editable

  3. I made this template by using bootstrap 4

  4. Style are code with CSS Language (No SCSS or SASS)

  5. No Javascript Code is Included

  6. No Copyright Terms and Conditions included

  7. Formated HTML and CSS codes

  8. Opensource Code you can share and use this code without our permission


  1. Only Header and Banner page is Available

  2. Some tricky to understand for beginners


File Structure

    To make this program first we need to make one folder named myfolder. Then we make a HTML file named index.html after creating this file copy the html code and paste this on the html file. The we need to style our HTML file so we use CSS for styling. so we create CSS file named style.css Then copy the css code and paste it on the css file.

    After this steps open index.html file on your browser (We Recommend :- Firefox or Chrome) Then See the output of the HTML and CSS code on Browser. 

      In this code cannot contains the Javascript code and I use the simple format of CSS and HTML so easy to understand.

Enjoy Happy Coding :)

Mobile Friendly website template using Bootstrap in 10 minutes

[Source Codes]

Click here to download source code files.



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